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Sample Model: FDY-IIIA R-SR321-020

The general bulletproof vest, other than the underwear type, can be worn directly outside the cloth and does not bring any inconvenience. Using high quality UD fabric, it can protect people effectively. Besides, it is reasonable in design. For example, the velcro on shoulders and waist bring convenience and the outside part is inset with bulletproof flapper to provide a higher level of ballistic protection.

Similarly, the general type can be customer-made including the style, color, size, and other accessories. In addition, we can provide internal bulletproof chips to meet different needs. Our product has passed the test by Chinese ministry of public security and the U.S. White laboratory. Thus, we promise that it is in high quality.

We are an experienced general bulletproof vest manufacturer and supplier in China. Our products include PE/ceramic composite ballistic plate, unidirectional prepreg, semi-conductive sheathing compound, fiber for gloves (400D-800D), and more.

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