Bulletproof Vest

    1. Underwear Bulletproof VestThe underwear bulletproof vest, consisting of 5 mm thick foam lining and 0.5 mm thick polycarbonate buffer layer, is widely used by politicians and dignitaries. It employs high quality UD fabric, which is impact resistant and can protect people against bullet effectively. The inner part is designed removable to bring convenience for washing. In addition, our underwear bulletproof vest is almost invisible when people wearing it.
    1. General Bulletproof VestThe general bulletproof vest, other than the underwear type, can be worn directly outside the cloth and does not bring any inconvenience. Using high quality UD fabric, it can protect people effectively. Besides, it is reasonable in design. For example, the velcro on shoulders and waist bring convenience and the outside part is inset with bulletproof flapper to provide a higher level of ballistic protection.
    1. Full-protection Bulletproof VestThe full-protection bulletproof vest can not only protect upper body but also neck, shoulder, crotch, and other parts. It can protect against bullet effectively by absorbing and dissipating warhead fragments kinetic energy. Using UD fabric, with foam lining and PC, it is comfortable to wear. This product applies the front & back plate pockets for increased protection, and it is fully adjustable with side and shoulder closure system.

Our bulletproof vest, including underwear, general and full-protection style, is composed of jacket, bullet-proof layer and buffer layer. The main part is made from dozens of UD fabric, which features excellent impact, moisture, corrosion and UV resistance. In addition, it has the advantages, including light weight, soft texture, and fine air permeability.

Our product is definitely with high quality since it has passed the tests of Chinese Ministry of Public Security and the U.S. White laboratory. It has PICC insurance as well. Our product can be customized according to various demands and the general and full-protection style are inset with a bulletproof plate to improve their level of security. One thing should be paid attention to is that the used product can not be reused.

As a China-based bulletproof vest manufacturer and supplier, we also offer PE/ceramic composite ballistic plate, UD prepreg, fiber for fishing line (10D-300D), cable compound for photovoltaic cables, and much more.

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