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The stab resistant fabric is designed to produce stab-resistant cloth, which can protect against edge tool such as dagger. It uses PE as main material. Thus it features high strength, high modulus, excellent property in low temperature, bent and stress cracking resistance. In addition, through high density knitting, the fabric can be used to protect people from being chopped. Light weight is available as well to bring convenience to users.


Grade Breadth (mm) Length (m) Areal density (g/m2) Usage
SRC-01 1220 >100 170 ± 5 Body armour
SRC-02 1220 >100 285 ± 5 Bulletproof plate, bulletproof helmets, shields

Surrey is a professional stab resistant fabric manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a broad range of products, including unidirectional prepreg, cable compound for high flame retardant cables, bulletproof and stab resistant vest, bulletproof helmet, and more.

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Stab Proof Fabric | Material for Stab Resistant Vest

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