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Sample Model: FDCF-2R-SR02-001

Adopting UD fabric and flexible composite structure, our bulletproof and stab resistant vest can be applied to various complex circumstances. It can not only protect against bullets but also against knives, daggers and cold weapons. Thus, it can protect people from various hurting efficiently. It has pockets for bulletproof plates to increase protection.

It consists of 5 and 0.5mm thick foam lining and PC. Velcro design makes it easy and comfortable to wear. Its materials, including polyester, T/C, and polyurethane can be customer made. Besides, various colors, sizes, types are available. Additional bulletproof plates for more protection are available.

Surrey is a specialized bulletproof and stab-resistant vest manufacturer in China. We offer a comprehensive range of products, including ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, carbon fiber & composite, cable compounds, etc.

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