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The pure PE bulletproof plate, used in conjunction with the soft body armor, can greatly improve the level of ballistic protection to class NIJ 0101.06 III or IV. It has passed the test carried by United States White laboratory. It can protect people from secondary fragments because it is resistant to several shootings. It has the advantage of UV, water, sun, oil and acid resistance. It is hard to be broken as well.


Grade Type Standard Bulletproof level Protected area(m2) Size(mm) Thickness(mm) Weight(kg)
Pure PE bulletproof plate FDCB-GA4 -SR301 GA 141-2010 GA 4 0.075 250x300 11±0.1 0.84
FDCB-GA5 -SR301 GA 141-2010 GA 5 23±0.2 1.67
FDCB-NIJ III-SR301 NIJ 0101.06 NIJ III 20±0.2 1.49

We are a professional pure PE bulletproof plate manufacturer and supplier in China. We also provide PE/ceramic composite ballistic plate, UD prepreg, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, cable compound for power cables, and much more.

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