Bulletproof Plate

    1. Pure PE Bulletproof PlateThe pure PE bulletproof plate, used in conjunction with the soft body armor, can greatly improve the level of ballistic protection to class NIJ 0101.06 III or IV. It has passed the test carried by United States White laboratory. It can protect people from secondary fragments because it is resistant to several shootings. It has the advantage of UV, water, sun, oil and acid resistance. It is hard to be broken as well.
    1. PE/Ceramic Composite Ballistic PlateCompared to pure PE bulletproof plate, the PE/ceramic bulletproof plate has higher level of protection, but a bit heavier. It is made from PE with Al2O3, SiC, and B4C. Like ordinary bulletproof plate, it can effectively absorb the impact of the bullets and fragments. Besides, its special inner material enables to protect body from secondary fragments.

The bulletproof plate, usually used with body armour together, is designed against heavy weapons including rifle, submachine gun and AK. It employs pure PE or PE-ceramic composite panel. The ceramic panel can absorb the energy of high-speed warheads to reduce its impact to organs, while PE features low water absorption, which enables it to be used in harsh environments. It is the first choice for military and police outfit.

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