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[STYLE A] G-Factor
Nowadays, with technology development, weight of ancillary equipment used by police security and special force is reduced. Our G-factor bulletproof helmets use special material to reduce its weight for comfortable wear. It weighs 1.2kg and is 25% lighter than ordinary helmet. In addition, it features high level of protection and is resistant to changeable weather condition, water and moisture, flame, heat and UV. Our bulletproof helmet is used in various circumstances including snow, deserts, hills and plains. It employs non-toxic materials and shows excellent chemical and physical properties. This product offers high wearing comfort and flexibility through improved ergonomic design.

The PASGT (personal armour system ground troops) helmet was initially developed by the U.S. army. Our product is designed for mass distribution to minimize lag during head movement. It features light weight and is designed for various circumstances including snow, deserts, hills and plains, water and moisture, flame, heat and UV. Non-toxic materials are used to ensure its environmental-friendly property. Made of advanced aramid composite materials, it can provide superior ballistic and full frontal protection. It shows outstanding physical and chemical properties. Besides, two-component aliphatic polyurethane paint is used to protect from de-contamination after exposure to chemical agents.

As a professional bulletproof helmet manufacturer and supplier in china, we also provide other personnel protection products, UHMWPE fiber, carbon fiber, cable compound.

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