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Through several years' research and explosion test, we developed the latest bomb suppression blanket, which is widely applied to bank, security escort, subway, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, and other crowded public places or equipment, artifacts, important documents, precious instruments that required protection. It has successfully passed the strict test by National Ministry of Public Security.

It can protect against 82-2 grenade, whose explosive power is equivalent to 70g TNT. By forming triple-layered defensive shield, it can reduce the destruction of explosion fragments and impact and minimize the explosion power. We use the processed PE as main material to produce inner fence, outer fence and blanket which compose the whole bomb suppression blanket.


Grade Explosion-proof ability Covering blanket size(m) Inner fence(m) Outer fence(m) Weight(kg)
Inner diameter Height Inner diameter Height
FBT-07-SR321A 82-2 grenade 1.6×1.6 0.45 0.3 0.6 0.15 <29.4
FBT-07-SR321B 82-2 grenade 1.2×1.2 <25.0

As an experienced bomb suppression blanket manufacturer and supplier in China, our company offers a comprehensive range of products, including security product, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, carbon fiber & composite, cable compounds, etc.

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