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The cut-resistance glove is made of ultra-high molecular weight PE. It features good flexibility, excellent cut and tear resistance. UV-resistance and waterproof function is also available. Besides, it is comfortable to wear. The products can be divided into two types. One is glove for police and the other is for civilian. The former can effectively protect against sharp edge while the later is widely used in machinery manufacturing, glass handling, sheet metal processing, slaughter, construction and other industries. Its service life is 30 times as long as ordinary cotton glove.


Grade Usage Standard Size Color Material
Cut-resistance Glove For police GA614-2006 S/M/L/XL White Ultra-high molecular weight PE
For civilian EN388 V 7-11 White or grey
EN388 III 7-11 White or grey

Surrey is a China-based cut resistant glove manufacturer and supplier. We provide various types of products such as general bulletproof vest, UD prepreg, cable compound for electronic wires, and fiber for rope (1600D-4800D).

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