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The SD301 UD prepreg is our latest products. It is designed for producing bulletproof products including bulletproof plate, bulletproof helmet, and armor plate. It enables to provide a better level of protection in the case of same weight. In other word, it is much lighter.


Grade Breadth (mm) Length (m) Areal density (g/m2) Usage
SD301J-120/90 1220 ≥ 150 90 ± 5 Bulletproof plate, bulletproof helmets, shields
SD301J-120/165 1220 ≥ 100 165 ± 5

As a specialized unidirectional prepreg manufacturer and supplier in china, we also provide security product, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, carbon fiber & composite, etc.

Related Names
Bullet Proof Fabric | Ballistic Material

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