UD Prepreg

    1. SD321 UD PrepregOur SD321 UD prepreg is mainly used to produce body armor and bomb suppression blanket. Two or four layers of UD, orthogonally laid down, is supported by high strength and modulus impregnated PE. It features outstanding stiffness and modulus, low density, corrosion resistance.
    1. SD322 Unidirectional PrepregCompared with the SD321 series, the SD322 UD prepreg is lighter in the case of same level of protection. It not only can be used to make body armor, but also to make bearing products including bulletproof plate, bulletproof helmet and shield.
    1. SD301 Unidirectional PrepregThe SD301 UD prepreg is our latest products. It is designed for producing bulletproof products including bulletproof plate, bulletproof helmet, and armor plate. It enables to provide a better level of protection in the case of same weight. In other word, it is much lighter.

Our UD prepreg is made of high strength and modulus PE. After impregnation and drying process, it is orthogonally covered by two or four layers UD compound. It is widely used to produce body armor, bulletproof helmet, bulletproof shield, explosion-proof blanket, etc. Processed by advanced equipment, it feels soft and features low density, excellent corrosion, abrasion, impact and cut resistance.

Our company is a specialized UD prepreg manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a variety of products, including stab resistant fabric, underwear bulletproof vest, fiber for fishing line (10D-300D), cable compound for photovoltaic cables, and more.

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