Security Product

    1. Bulletproof and Stab Resistant VestAdopting UD fabric and flexible composite structure, our bulletproof and stab resistant vest can be applied to various complex circumstances. It can not only protect against bullets but also against knives, daggers and cold weapons. Thus, it can protect people from various hurting efficiently. It has pockets for bulletproof plates to increase protection.
    1. Bulletproof HelmetNowadays, with technology development, weight of ancillary equipment used by police security and special force is reduced. Our G-factor bulletproof helmets use special material to reduce its weight for comfortable wear. It weighs 1.2kg and is 25% lighter than ordinary helmet. In addition, it features high level of protection and is resistant to changeable weather condition, water and moisture, flame, heat and UV.
    1. Ballistic Armor PlateThe bulletproof armor plate is made from pure PE or PE/ceramic composite material. PE can effectively reduce the impact and is comfortable to wear, while ceramic material features high hardness and modulus. Thus the moment that warhead collides with ceramic, it absorbs part of the kinetic energy to achieve the protective function.Three types of plates with different sizes are available including 1.2 × 1.2 m, 1.2 x 1.6 m and 1.2 × 2.4 m.
    1. Bulletproof ShieldMade of UHMWPE fiber or advanced composite materials, our bulletproof shield employs special rectangular design to against the shots that come in at odd angles. It provides excellent protection by strongly absorbing shrapnels' energy. We provide various protection levels including NIJ 0101.04, IIIA, III, and IV. Its weight ranges from 4.9 to 18.5 kg, 10% lighter than average products. Besides, its man-portable design brings convenience to users.
    1. Bomb Suppression BlanketThrough several years' research and explosion test, we developed the latest bomb suppression blanket, which is widely applied to bank, security escort, subway, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, and other crowded public places or equipment, artifacts, important documents, precious instruments that required protection. It has successfully passed the strict test by National Ministry of Public Security.
    1. Cut Resistant GloveThe cut-resistance glove is made of ultra-high molecular weight PE. It features good flexibility, excellent cut and tear resistance. UV-resistance and waterproof function is also available. Besides, it is comfortable to wear. The products can be divided into two types. One is glove for police and the other is for civilian. The former can effectively protect against sharp edge while the later is widely used in machinery manufacturing, glass handling, sheet metal processing, slaughter, construction and other industries.
    1. Stab Resistant FabricThe stab resistant fabric is designed to produce stab-resistant cloth, which can protect against edge tool such as dagger. It uses PE as main material. Thus it features high strength, high modulus, excellent property in low temperature, bent and stress cracking resistance. In addition, through high density knitting, the fabric can be used to protect people from being chopped. Light weight is available as well to bring convenience to users.

Our Company is specialized in various security products including personal armor, bulletproof vest and explosion proof blanket for both head and body. Our product can effectively help avoid the accident, and protect people from being hurt.

The personal armor employs excellent materials which can avoid surface moisture accumulation. Thus it can reduce discomfort and physical consumption. Besides, it features lightweight, quick handling, excellent protection and flexibility. Our explosion proof blanket can obstruct shock wave generated by the explosion. The bulletproof vest can protect person from the hurt caused by bullets or dagger. It is widely used because of its good insulation.

Surrey is a professional security product manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a wide range of products, including polyethylene fiber and composite materials, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, cable compounds, and more.

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