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Our fiber for security product has been widely used to produce flexible body armor, bulletproof helmet and bulletproof cars. It uses high strength PE fiber as main material. Before sizing treatment, layers of PE are made as UD firstly. In order to ensure the protection level, we provide high strength and modulus product. Product size is usually above 800D.


Grade Size Strength at break Modulus Elongation
D dtex g/d cN/dtex Gpa g/d cN/dtex Gpa %
SP1000 1000 1111 35.6 31.5 3.1 1073.5 950 92.2 2.7
SP1200 1200 1333 35.6 31.5 3.1 1073.5 950 92.2 2.7

As an experienced fiber for security product (800D-1200D) manufacturer and supplier in China, Surrey provides a wide range of products that includes rodent/ termite resistant cable compound, bomb suppression blanket, unidirectional prepreg, and more.

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