Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene Fiber

    1. Fiber for Fishing Line (10D-300D)Our fiber for fishing line is much stronger than ordinary nylon. Used for weaving fishing nets and cages, it can reduce water resistance of the trawl. Thus, it can increase speed and reduce energy consumption. Besides, it has low specific gravity and is seawater, light resistance. Its smooth surface brings difficult for winding by algae and other phytoplankton.
    1. Fiber for Gloves (400D-800D)Our fiber for gloves feels soft and is resistant to oil, corrosion, aging and grease. It is made by ultra-high molecular weight PE. It can absorb energy efficiently and provide high elongation at break and enough strength meanwhile. In other word, the breaking strength and breaking extension are in best match. It also solves the problem of poor adhesion properties because PE's chemical inertness used to bring difficulties for adhering.
    1. Fiber for Security Product (800D-1200D)Our fiber for security product has been widely used to produce flexible body armor, bulletproof helmet and bulletproof cars. It uses high strength PE fiber as main material. Before sizing treatment, layers of PE are made as UD firstly. In order to ensure the protection level, we provide high strength and modulus product. Product size is usually above 800D.
    1. Fiber for Rope (1600D-4800D)Our fiber for rope, widely used as cables for super tankers, ocean platforms and lighthouse, can replace wire rope. As the first choice of cable for major ships, it features high strength and modulus. Besides, it is resistant to UV, corrosion and rub.

As one of the world's three major specialty fiber manufacturers, we have proprietary intellectual and core technology on the R&D of high strength and high modulus polyethylene fiber. Our product is 10 to15 times as strong as high-quality steel and the modulus is just inferior to the high modulus carbon fibers. It is able to float on water with the density of 0.97g/m3. In addition, it features outstanding UV, corrosion and wear resistance. Even being exposed to UV for a long time, it still maintains stability. It has been widely used to produce marine cables, bullet-proof vests, stab-resistant clothing and cut-resistant glove.

Surrey is an experienced ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide various types of products such as cable compounds, bulletproof shield, bulletproof helmet, and polyethylene fiber and composite materials.

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