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Cable is easily damaged by rats and termites, which results in property decrease and accident. Rodent or termite resistant cable compound can be divided into two types including physical type and chemical one. The physical type protests cables by its hardness, toughness and smoothness, while the chemical one employs additives.

Our product is designed for protecting against rats or termites by adding environmental-friendly rat and termite resistant additives. It features good weather fastness, corrosion-resistance and tenacity. There's no irritant gas generated in extrusion process. It is safe and stable to use. It meets the standard of JB/T10696.9, JB/T10696.10.


Rodent/ termite resistant cable compound Grade Density (g/cm3) Hardness Tensile strength (Mpa) Elongation at break (%)
SR-8851 0.96 65 33.8 800
SR-8850 1.15 73 65 280

As a professional rodent/ termite resistant cable compound manufacturer and supplier in China, Surrey provides a wide array of products, including semi-conductive sheathing compound, bomb suppression blanket, stab resistant fabric, fiber for rope (1600D-4800D), and more.

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