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Processed by extruder and mixer, our TPU or TPE cable compound is resistant to oil, heat and aging. It features excellent flexibility and tension. In addition, UV-resistant additives can be added to improve its property including weather fastness. It is widely used as power cables, telephone cables, soft fiber optic cables and military cables that require outstanding flexibility. The OI is higher than 27%. Thus, it belongs to retardant material and shows flame retardant properties. Our product meets the standard of ROHS. Meanwhile, the flame retardant TPU meets the standard of UL V-0.


TPU/ TPECableCompound Grade Hardness Tensile strength (Mpa) Elongation at break (%) Brittleness Temp (℃) OI (%)
SR-6002 87 32 650 -50 29
SR-6003 92 33 630 -50 29
SR-6010 88 28 560 -50 26
SR-6030 80~90A adjustable
SR-6650 80~95A adjustable
SR-6651 Halogen Free, Flame Retardant, 70~90A adjustable

Surrey is an experienced TPU/TPE cable compound manufacturer and supplier in China. We also offer other cable compounds for different fields, UHMWPE fiber, personal production products, and carbon fiber.

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