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Our cable compound for wind power cables is widely used to produce wind cable insulation layer. Wind power cable always needs to withstand harsh environment, such as cold, dry and flammable condition. Thus, it requires high property cable materials. Our company provides various polyether-based TPU, which features high strength and flexibility in low temperature. It is resistant to abrasion, changeable weather and oil. It can not only be dragged on the surface of rocks, desert and snow, but also be immersed in water. Stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, our product shows outstanding mechanical and physical properties. It meets the standard of TICW-2009.


TPU/ TPECableCompound Grade Hardness Tensile Strength (Mpa) Elongation at Break (%) Brittleness Temp (℃) OI (%)
SR-6002 87 32 650 -50 29
SR-6005 82 31 650 -50 29
SR-6680 Halogenous, Flame Retardant, 80~95A adjustable
SR-6610 Non Flame Retardant, 70-90A adjustable
SR-6651 Halogen Free, Flame Retardant, 70-90A adjustable
PVC Cable Compound Grade OI (%) Hot deformation (℃) Heat stable time at 200℃ (min) Brittleness Temp (℃) Volume resistivity at 20℃ (Ω·m)
SR-0930 / 40 >80 -40 5.5×1010
SR-0930HFROR 30 28 130 -40 5×1010

Our company is a China cable compound for wind power cables manufacturer and supplier. We also provide cable compound for shipboard cables, underwear bulletproof vest, stab resistant fabric, fiber for gloves (400D-800D), and more.

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