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Shanghai Surrey carbon fiber Co., Ltd., with an area of 350 acres, is located in JinShan chemical industrial zone. As the subsidiary of Shanghai Surrey polymer Co., Ltd, our company specializes in Surreca carbon fiber and its compound. In 2012, our SK300 carbon fiber was put into operation, which is widely used for sporting goods, architecture reinforcement at present and can reach a production capacity of 200 tons a year. (Detailed information about SK300 is listed in Table 1).

We continue to carry out the second phase construction of carbon fiber project, aiming at building three carbonization production lines, four high-performance carbon fiber raw silk production lines and two carbon fiber composite production lines. We are able to provide customers with 5500 tons raw silks and 2200 tons carbon fibers to meet various demands.

Table1 Grade and Performance of Carbon Fiber

Grade Standard Breaking strength (GPa) Modulus of elasticity (GPa) Elongation at break (%) Linear density (g/1000m) Density (g/cm3)
SK300 12K > 4.00 > 240 1.5~1.8 750 1.76
SK300 6K > 4.00 > 240 1.5~1.8 400 1.76
SK300 3K > 4.00 > 240 1.5~1.8 200 1.76
SK300 1K > 4.00 > 240 1.5~1.8 66 1.76

As an experienced carbon fiber manufacturer and supplier in China, Surrey also offers unidirectional prepreg, bulletproof shield, rodent/ termite resistant cable compound, fiber for fishing line (10D-300D), and much more.

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