Carbon Fiber & Composite

    1. Carbon FiberAs the subsidiary of Shanghai Surrey polymer Co., Ltd, our company specializes in Surreca carbon fiber and its compound. In 2012, our SK300 carbon fiber was put into operation, which is widely used for sporting goods, architecture reinforcement at present and can reach a production capacity of 200 tons a year. (Detailed information about SK300 is listed in Table 1).
    1. Carbon Fiber SheetOur carbon-fiber-reinforced sheet, without being cured and impregnated, is made of unidirectional continuous carbon fiber as raw material. It features high strength and modulus, light weight and corrosion resistance. The original size and appearance basically do not change after reinforcement and restoration. It is the first choice for bridge structure and water conservancy project.

As a specialized carbon fiber & composite manufacturer and supplier in China, our company provides a wide range of products, including carbon fiber sheet, underwear bulletproof vest, TPU/ TPE cable compound and more.