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    1. Bulletproof Vest
    1. Bulletproof and Stab Resistant VestAdopting UD fabric and flexible composite structure, our bulletproof and stab resistant vest can be applied to various complex circumstances. It can not only protect against bullets but also against knives, daggers and cold weapons. Thus, it can protect people from various hurting efficiently. It has pockets for bulletproof plates to increase protection.
    1. Bulletproof Plate
    1. Bulletproof HelmetNowadays, with technology development, weight of ancillary equipment used by police security and special force is reduced. Our G-factor bulletproof helmets use special material to reduce its weight for comfortable wear. It weighs 1.2kg and is 25% lighter than ordinary helmet. In addition, it features high level of protection and is resistant to changeable weather condition, water and moisture, flame, heat and UV.
    1. Ballistic Armor PlateThe bulletproof armor plate is made from pure PE or PE/ceramic composite material. PE can effectively reduce the impact and is comfortable to wear, while ceramic material features high hardness and modulus. Thus the moment that warhead collides with ceramic, it absorbs part of the kinetic energy to achieve the protective function.Three types of plates with different sizes are available including 1.2 × 1.2 m, 1.2 x 1.6 m and 1.2 × 2.4 m.
    1. Bulletproof ShieldMade of UHMWPE fiber or advanced composite materials, our bulletproof shield employs special rectangular design to against the shots that come in at odd angles. It provides excellent protection by strongly absorbing shrapnels' energy. We provide various protection levels including NIJ 0101.04, IIIA, III, and IV. Its weight ranges from 4.9 to 18.5 kg, 10% lighter than average products. Besides, its man-portable design brings convenience to users.
    1. Bomb Suppression BlanketThrough several years' research and explosion test, we developed the latest bomb suppression blanket, which is widely applied to bank, security escort, subway, railway stations, airports, shopping malls, and other crowded public places or equipment, artifacts, important documents, precious instruments that required protection. It has successfully passed the strict test by National Ministry of Public Security.
    1. Cut Resistant GloveThe cut-resistance glove is made of ultra-high molecular weight PE. It features good flexibility, excellent cut and tear resistance. UV-resistance and waterproof function is also available. Besides, it is comfortable to wear. The products can be divided into two types. One is glove for police and the other is for civilian. The former can effectively protect against sharp edge while the later is widely used in machinery manufacturing, glass handling, sheet metal processing, slaughter, construction and other industries.
    1. UD Prepreg
    1. Stab Resistant FabricThe stab resistant fabric is designed to produce stab-resistant cloth, which can protect against edge tool such as dagger. It uses PE as main material. Thus it features high strength, high modulus, excellent property in low temperature, bent and stress cracking resistance. In addition, through high density knitting, the fabric can be used to protect people from being chopped. Light weight is available as well to bring convenience to users.
    1. Fiber for Fishing Line (10D-300D)Our fiber for fishing line is much stronger than ordinary nylon. Used for weaving fishing nets and cages, it can reduce water resistance of the trawl. Thus, it can increase speed and reduce energy consumption. Besides, it has low specific gravity and is seawater, light resistance. Its smooth surface brings difficult for winding by algae and other phytoplankton.
    1. Fiber for Gloves (400D-800D)Our fiber for gloves feels soft and is resistant to oil, corrosion, aging and grease. It is made by ultra-high molecular weight PE. It can absorb energy efficiently and provide high elongation at break and enough strength meanwhile. In other word, the breaking strength and breaking extension are in best match. It also solves the problem of poor adhesion properties because PE's chemical inertness used to bring difficulties for adhering.
    1. Fiber for Security Product (800D-1200D)Our fiber for security product has been widely used to produce flexible body armor, bulletproof helmet and bulletproof cars. It uses high strength PE fiber as main material. Before sizing treatment, layers of PE are made as UD firstly. In order to ensure the protection level, we provide high strength and modulus product. Product size is usually above 800D.
    1. Fiber for Rope (1600D-4800D)Our fiber for rope, widely used as cables for super tankers, ocean platforms and lighthouse, can replace wire rope. As the first choice of cable for major ships, it features high strength and modulus. Besides, it is resistant to UV, corrosion and rub.
    1. Cable compound for Photovoltaic CablesOur cable compound is resistant to water, ultraviolet rays and ozone. Its service life is longer than that of rubber or PVC cable. In addition, it can withstand the pressure, bending, tension, tensile load and strong shock during installation and maintenance, which protects the cable insulation layer and avoids short-circuit, fire and personal injury issues. It meets the standards of ROHS, UL4703 and ZPFG1169108, 2007 and is widely used for photovoltaic cable that requires high property.
    1. Cable Compound for Wind Power CablesOur company provides various polyether-based TPU, which features high strength and flexibility in low temperature. It is resistant to abrasion, changeable weather and oil. It can not only be dragged on the surface of rocks, desert and snow, but also be immersed in water. Stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, our product shows outstanding mechanical and physical properties. It meets the standard of TICW-2009.
    1. Cable Compound for High Voltage and Ultra-High Voltage CablesWith high-quality flame retardant and smoke suppressant chemicals, modifiers and cross-linking additives, it is resistant to flame and shows outstanding mechanical and electrical properties. Fine tensile strength and thermal deformation temperature are available as well. It is widely used as outer sheath of power cables, fiber optic cables, control cables, communication cables, and ultra-high voltage cables. It meets the standard of IEC6080 and IEC62067. Various products are provided including PE, PVC, flame-retardant PE and low smoke free of halogen cable.
    1. Cable Compound for Power Cables It is made from PVC, PE and LSZH, which meets the standard of GB/T8815, GB/T15065, and GB/T19666. The flame retardant thermoplastic LSZH cable has excellent electricity, mechanical and physical properties. It shows outstanding processing performance. Its low dielectric constant and good insulativity ensures stable and safe operation. Our PVC cable is resistant to corrosion and UV. It meets ROHS environmental standards.
    1. Semi-conductive Screen CompoundOur company employs high electrical-conductivity carbon black to solve the problem. Our product features smooth surface, without any burrs. Besides, it has an appropriate degree of crosslinking and good rheological and electrical prosperity. Heat, copper and cross resistance are available as well. It is applicable to insulation shield for crosslinked polyethylene cable that used under 35kv.
    1. Semi-conductive Sheathing Compound It has outstanding processing performance as well as mechanical and physical properties. It is resistant to heat and cracking in high temperature. It features excellent flowability, stability and smooth surface as well. It can protect against water and sunshine efficiently during transportation. Widely used as semi-conductive outer sheath, it should be stored in a clean, dry and ventilated warehouse. It is recommended to be tested if it exceeds storage period.
    1. Cable Compound for Rail Transit CablesOur company develops low smoke free of halogen cable compound for rail transit cable to meet the requirements for nuclear power plants, subways, airports, petrochemical companies and high-rise buildings. Made of cross-linking thermosetting LSZH flame retardant material, it shows outstanding physical and mechanical properties. Besides, it features easy installation, safe operation and ozone resistance.
    1. Cable Compound for High Temperature CablesFantastic electrical property, low dielectric loss and capacitance are available as well, which can reduce the electric current and fault current. Besides, the small bend radius and the simple terminal command bring convenience for laying. Our product is resistant to heat and aging. It allows a large amount current to flow under short-circuit condition. It meets various demands including oil-resistance requirements from both domestic and abroad.
    1. Cable Compound for Oil Resistant CablesOur cable compound for oil resistant cable is widely used for insulation and sheathing of oil locomotive line, well line and automotive wire. Made of PVC, TPU XLPO, it is resistant to oil and corrosion. Product produced by such cable compound is fire resistance as well, which meets the standard of UL VW-1. Excellent surface and sealant volume can be achieved by common extruder. There is no need to change screw, which brings convenience to users. Its stable performance satisfies various customers from both home and abroad.
    1. Cable Compound for Shipboard CablesThe density of SR-0330 LSZH cable material is 1.46g/m³. Its light weight brings convenience for transportation and installation. It should be stored in a dry and ventilated warehouse since it is likely to absorb moisture. Drying process is needed if it is stored for a long time. Besides, it should be away from ignition sources. Special fire retardant material should be chosen for some marine cable that requires outstanding flame resistance.
    1. Sheathing Compound for Communication CablesOur environmental-friendly LSZH sheathing compound for communication cable features excellent processing property, tensile strength, and hot deformation. Made of PE, it is widely used as cable sheath of communication, signal, radio and network. In addition, it is resistant to cracking, changeable weather and corrosion. Good electrical and extrusion property are available as well. Thus, our product has smooth surface and long service life.
    1. Track Resistant Cable Compound for ADSS Cables (AT Compound)With less carbon black and anti-UV additive, our tracking-resistant cable compound for ADSS cables shows excellent UV-resistance, anti-leakage performance and insulating property. It features good chemical and physical property, smooth surface and cracking resistance. Made of PE, it is designed for sheath of ADSS cable. It meets the standard of DL / T 788 -2001. With self-supporting system, it can be used at lighting area or high voltage transmission system.
    1. Rodent/ Termite Resistant Cable CompoundCable is easily damaged by rats and termites, which results in property decrease and accident. Rodent or termite resistant cable compound can be divided into two types including physical type and chemical one. The physical type protests cables by its hardness, toughness and smoothness, while the chemical one employs additives.
    1. TPU/ TPE Cable CompoundProcessed by extruder and mixer, our TPU or TPE cable compound is resistant to oil, heat and aging. It features excellent flexibility and tension. In addition, UV-resistant additives can be added to improve its property including weather fastness. It is widely used as power cables, telephone cables, soft fiber optic cables and military cables that require outstanding flexibility. The OI is higher than 27%. Thus, it belongs to retardant material and shows flame retardant properties. Our product meets the standard of ROHS. Meanwhile, the flame retardant TPU meets the standard of UL V-0.
    1. Cable Compound for High Flame Retardant CablesOur cable compound for high flame retardant cables uses PE as main material with high quality flame retardant additives and antismoke agent. Processed through mixer and plasticator, it features low smoke and zero halogen. It is used as insulation and sheath of control cables, marine cables, fiber optic cables, telephone cables and signal cables. It passes high-level combustion experiment, such as UL1581.VW-1 standard for small cable and IEC60332-3A for large one.
    1. Cable Compound for Electronic WiresThrough advanced processing technique, our cable compound for electronic wires can effectively improve the tensile strength and fire-resistant performance. Besides, as the inner part of equipment, it is resistant to heat and corrosion, which can protect components from being damaged. Smooth surface and uniform thickness of insulation are available as well. It is easy to install and peel. It is widely used as insulation and sheath of TV and car cables.
    1. Carbon FiberAs the subsidiary of Shanghai Surrey polymer Co., Ltd, our company specializes in Surreca carbon fiber and its compound. In 2012, our SK300 carbon fiber was put into operation, which is widely used for sporting goods, architecture reinforcement at present and can reach a production capacity of 200 tons a year. (Detailed information about SK300 is listed in Table 1).
    1. Carbon Fiber SheetOur carbon-fiber-reinforced sheet, without being cured and impregnated, is made of unidirectional continuous carbon fiber as raw material. It features high strength and modulus, light weight and corrosion resistance. The original size and appearance basically do not change after reinforcement and restoration. It is the first choice for bridge structure and water conservancy project.

Surrey is a professional polymers manufacturer and supplier in China. We offer a variety of products, including bulletproof vest, polyethylene fiber and composite materials, cable compounds, ultra high molecular weight polyethylene fiber, and more.